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CRYSTAL COURSES: I am currently planning a new approach to my Crystal Healing courses. I will move beyond the "Melody" syllabus while still incorporating some of her work but adding my own work and that of others.

Therefore I will do a certificated two day course on healing which will cover both the "Melody" method and others, including the work of Katrina Raphaell.

 Other topics will be covered in one day stand alone courses eg Quartz in its many forms, New and unusual crystals, New Zealand crystals etc.

I may also consider a certificated two day course on Past Life regression if time allows.

Let me know if you are interested in any or all of this and I will put up firm dates soon.

email rickandkayford@gmail.com to express interest.

A new TAROT COURSE  began on Sunday April 22nd 2018.. The syllabus is on the "Tarot" page and this is the first of six a month apart, cost $95 per day. the other dates are Sunday 20th May, 24th June, 22nd July,19th August and 23rd September.

There will not be a new one till February 10th next year. This will continue in its present form ie six one days a month apart.


Courses cost $95 per day.

The Twelve chakra system and the five bodies.
Sunday 28th October. One Day Only.

Crystal Healing V -
Mini arrays. Test. Certificates presented.
Sunday 4th November.

Advanced Tarot -
Fortune and the Star. Jupiter and Aquarius.
Sunday 11th November.

Tarot VII -
Design your own Future. Multiples.
Sunday 25th November.

Advanced Tarot -
the Hierophant and the Lovers. Taurus and Gemini.
Sunday 9th December.




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