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A new  CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE  will begin on Sunday July 8th 2018. The syllabus is on the "Healing" page and leads to "Melody" certification.  This is the first of five, a month apart, cost $95 per day. The other dates are Sunday 5th August, 9th September, 7th October and 4th November.
You can email rickandkayford@gmail.com if you wish me to put your name down for this course, giving me your cell number. I will expect payment for the first one at least two weeks in advance and after that you can pay for the next as you go so you are always one ahead until the end. This deposit is non-refundable.

A new TAROT COURSE  began on Sunday April 22nd 2018.. The syllabus is on the "Tarot" page and this is the first of six a month apart, cost $95 per day. the other dates are Sunday 20th May, 24th June, 22nd July,19th August and 23rd September.

There will not be a new one till early next year.


Courses cost $95 per day.

Tarot III - Minor Arcana - Wands and Cups. Yes/No spread.
Sunday 24th June.

Crystal Healing I - New Course 
Introduction. Tumbled stones, chakras and laser wands for Laying-on-of- Hands and Stones.
Sunday 8th July.

Tarot IV - Swords and Pentacles. Seven card spread.
Sunday July 22nd.

Advanced Tarot -
The Priestess and the Magician. Planets. Gimel. Beth.
Sunday 29th July.

Crystal Healing II -
Quartz. Practical.
Sunday 5th August.

Crystal Healing One Day -
The twelve chakra system. The five bodies. Introduction to the Crystal Ally cards.
Sunday 12th August.

Tarot V -
Court cards.
Sunday 19th August.




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