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Because of Covid19 all workshops were abruptly halted. I plan to reschedule these when we reach Level two as I can do these safely with no more than 6 following Ministry guidelines.

Most of you have been in touch to say you wish to continue and I will contact you to see if this is still the case.

It would be impossible to join either advanced Tarot class or "Melody one part two" but it is possible to join  the High Vibration Crystals and how to use them.

Email rickandkayford@gmail.com if you want to confirm or join.


All workshops $100 per day. Held at Avalon, 301 Dominion Road. Hours 10.30 am to 3.30 or 4 pm.

Crowley Deck: revision. Suit of Cups.
Sunday 7th June.

Crystal Healing "Melody I" part two.  Practical healing. Chakra cleansing. Arrays. Certificates presented.
Sunday To be rescheduled when physical touching is permitted.

 High Vibration Crystals and how to use them: Studying and using such crystals as Brandberg amethyst, Kundalini Quartz, Cherry Blossom agate, Super Seven and Samadhi Quartz. Options are in healing, arrays and grids. No previous knowledge required.
Sunday 14th June.

Advanced Tarot:  Tree of Life and Sephiroth.
Sunday 28th June.




Phone: (09) 638 5020

Email: rickandkayford@gmail.com     

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