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All workshops $100 per day. Held at Avalon, 301 Dominion Road. Hours 10.30 am to 3.30 pm.

A new Tarot course began on Sunday 18th October 2020 and continued on Sunday 15th November.  These two covered the Major Arcana and I will continue next year with the remaining four to complete the course. These will cover the four suits, the sixteen court cards and simple to more complex readings.

A new "Melody" Crystal Healing course will begin on Sunday 28th February 2021
and complete with certification on Sunday April 10th.


Advanced Tarot: Kabbalah. Princesses of Crowley deck.
Sunday 24th January.

Tarot III: NZ Tarot. Wands and Cups. Three Aces reading.

Sunday 14th February.

Crystal Healing One: New Course. First of two. 
 Chakras, tumbled stones and Laying-on-of-hands and stones.

Advanced Tarot: Kabbalah. Knights of the Crowley deck.
Sunday 7th March.

Tarot IV:
Swords and Pentacles. Mini Celtic cross reading.
Sunday 21st March.

Crystal Healing II: 
Practical exam, chakra clearing, arrays. Certificates presented.
Sunday 11th April.

Tarot V: 
Court cards. Celtic cross.
Sunday 18th April.

Advanced Tarot: 
Princes of the Crowley deck.
Sunday 9th May.

Tarot VI: Final.
Putting it all together.
Sunday 23rd May.

Tarot I: New Course. First of six: 
Major Arcana from the Fool to the Hanged Man.
Sunday 13th June.




Phone: (09) 638 5020

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