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MELODY ONE : NEW SERIES : I have scheduled a  two day "Melody" course on crystal healing starting on Sunday 23rd February. This is a two day course for certification, the second one being on Sunday April 19th. You can pre-enrol by emailing rickandkayford@gmail.com, giving your full name, email and cell number. Day one covers Laying-on-of-Hands and Stones and Day two covers practical healing, chakra cleansing and crystal arrays.
This is a shortened version of the previous five day course which covers the essential information.


All workshops $100 per day. Held at Avalon, 301 Dominion Road. Hours 10.30 am to 3.30 or 4 pm.

Tarot II : Major Arcana from Hanged Man to the World.
Sunday March 8th.

Crowley Deck and the Tarot:
Minor Arcana. Cups.Symbols and colours.
Sunday March 15th.

Advanced Tarot:
Malkuth. Hebrew letters and the Tree.
Sunday March 29th.

Tarot III :
Minors. Wands and Cups. Yes/No spread.
Sunday April 5th.

Crystal Healing "Melody I" part two. 
Practical healing. Chakra cleansing. Arrays. Certificates presented.
Sunday April 19th.

Tarot IV :
Swords and Pentacles. Mini Celtic Cross.
Sunday May 3rd.

Crowley deck and the Tarot:
Minor Arcana. Swords. Astrological and planet symbols.
Sunday May 10th.

Advanced Tarot.  Minors. Wands.  Hebrew letters.
Sunday May 24th.

Tarot V: Final. 
Court cards. Full Celtic Cross.
Sunday June 7th.

High Vibration Crystals and how to use them:
Studying and using such crystals as Brandberg amethyst, Kundalini Quartz, Cherry Blossom agate, Super Seven and Samadhi Quartz. Options are in healing, arrays and grids. No previous knowledge required.
Sunday June 14th.

Crowley deck and the Tarot:
Minor Arcana Disks.
Sunday June 28th.




Phone: (09) 638 5020

Email: rickandkayford@gmail.com     

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