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CRYSTAL COURSES: I am currently planning a new approach to my Crystal Healing courses. I will move beyond the "Melody" syllabus while still incorporating some of her work but adding my own work and that of others.

Therefore for the first part of 2019 I will be offering one day courses only on such topics as "The seven and twelve chakra systems and the Five Bodies",  "New Zealand crystals", Sacred Geometry in quartz and its many varieties," "Numerology" "Runes" and others. All will be suitable for beginners and/or those who wish to extend their their knowledge.Cost will be $100 per day. You may pay on the day or in advance.

email rickandkayford@gmail.com to express interest.

A new TAROT COURSE will  begin on Sunday February 10th 2019.. The syllabus is on the "Tarot" page and this is the first of six a month apart, cost $100 per day. The other dates are Sunday 10th March, 7th April, 5th May, 9th June and 7th July.

You will need to pay in advance for this course and then each time you come so you are always one ahead.

The syllabus is on the Tarot page of the website. You will need a Radiant Rider-Waite deck. A book such as The Ultimate Guide to the Rider-Waite Tarot or the Tarot Bible is advisable but notes are provided.


Courses now $100 per day. All held at "Avalon", 301 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, phone 09 638 5020.
Hours 10.30 am to 3.30 or 4 pm.

Tarot I -  History of the Tarot plus the Major Arcana  from the Fool to Justice using the radiant Rider-Waite deck. New Course.
Sunday 10th February.

Advanced Tarot -
The Hermit and the Hanged Man. The Supernal Triangle.
Sunday 24th February.

Tarot II - Major Arcana from the Hanged Man to the World. Three card reading.
Sunday 10th March.

Runes - One day Only. Runes are an ancient Norse alphabet used for magic, divination and writing. They apply to our lives in a direct way. We learn about them and how to use them and also write our names in runes.
Sunday 17th March.

Suitable for beginners or those who wish to extend their knowledge.

Sacred Geometry in quartz and its many varieties - One Day Only.
Studying sacred geometry and how it manifests in crystals. eg a septagon is exhibited in seven-sided channelling faces in quartz, in transmitter quartz crystals and in transchannels. Some of its many varieties include amethyst and rose quartz but also Super Seven, Samadhi quartz, quartz/chlorite, Golden Healers and black amethyst. I will also teach how to use them.
Suitable for beginners or those who wish to extend their knowledge.
Sunday 31st March.

Tarot III -
Minor Arcana. Wands and Cups. Yes/no spread.
Sunday 7th April.

Advanced Tarot -
Death and Art.
Sunday 28th April.

Tarot IV -
Minor Arcana. Swords and Pentacles. Mini Celtic Cross spread.
Sunday 5th May.

New Zealand Crystals.  Studying and working with New Zealand crystals. This will include ways of using them and also healing using new Zealand chakra sets. One Day Only.
Suitable for beginners or those who want a refresher course. 
Sunday 26th May.

Tarot V - Court cards. Seven card spread.
Sunday 9th June.

Advanced Tarot - 
The Devil and the Tower.
Sunday 23rd June.

Tarot VI -
Putting it all together. Full Celtic Cross spread. Finding your Soul, Personality and Year cards.
Sunday 7th July.




Phone: (09) 638 5020

Email: rickandkayford@gmail.com     

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