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We have a great range of jewellery at Avalon, with genuine crystals set in sterling silver.  We stock pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. The range of crystals is wide and we specialise in rare and unusual healing crystals such as Larimar, Moldavite, Sphaerocobaltite, Citrine, Kunzite, Super Seven, Azurite-malachite, Merlinite, Sugilite, Rainbow Moonstone and Turquoise, among others. Here are some examples of what we currently have in stock .
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Manifestation quartz crystals contain another crystal inside and are quite rare. They help us to manifest our desires, clearly visualised and one at a time. Wearing one continuously assists this process and the clear quartz magnifies the effects.

These ones are approximately 3 cm high and the price is $125. We have smaller ones at $95

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These amazing pendants consist of green epidote in quartz. This combination is known as the "Green Goddess" crystal which helps to heal the broken-hearted, transforming depression to joy. It assists with thyroid problems, asthma and effective digestion. This is a magical combination and the first time we have seen it in jewellery, although we do have two large crystals.

Height is approximately 2.5 cm and price is $125 each.


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This exquisite pendant is 5 cm long in total and consists of a 1 cm round aquamarine cab on top of an azurite-chrysocolla oval.

Words starting with A are good for breathing and asthma issues and Aquamarine assists these by its bringing relaxation as well as encouraging us to go with the flow. Traditionally aquamarine protects in travel, especially by sea.

Azurite opens the Third Eye, enhances creativity and clears toxins from the body, while chrysocolla heals the wounded heart and helps us to speak our Truth or to remain silent  in appropriate circumstances.

Setting is Sterling Silver and price is $165.
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I have been making lots of bracelets recently, importing the beads of the rare and unusual ones in order to obtain them at a reasonable price and to thread them on good stretch elastic and also to be able to make to size.

This one is Larimar, the crystal of the Dolphins, and retails at $75. We also have the usual rose quartz, amethyst and citrine, but have the beads for Super Seven, Strawberry quartz, sapphire, tourmaline, kunzite, iolite, black tourmaline, garnet and many more.

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Cobaltocalcite is naturally a beautiful pink-rose-red. It emanates love and activates and clears the heart chakra. Cobaltocalcite  dispels negativity and helps us to choose when we are "between a rock and a hard place".

It can be used to bring deep relaxation and is an excellent stone for meditation. Physically it is helpful in treating age-related disorders and in regeneration of the body cells.

In general it restores our joy in living.
Large pendants are 4.5 cm long and cost $145; small are 2.5 cm long and cost $75.

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These three labradorite pendants set in Sterling Silver came in our recent shipment.

Labradorite protests the aura and aligns the chakras so is a wonderful crystal to wear. It also helps to lift depression, bringing lightin darkness, and helping us to "magically" cause coincidence. Labradorite enhances intuition and helps us to achieve our destiny. Physically it aids digestion and helps to regulate the gut biome.

From left to right: stone 3 cm,price $85; stones 5 cm,price $175;  stones 4 cm, price $175.
IMG 0063-933

We have never seen this beautiful combination of ruby in lepidolite before. It is perfect to wear at the heart because lepidolite contains lithium, a natural tranquilliser which radiates inner peace.Ruby brings health, wealth and happiness. A magical combination.

All are 4 cm long, set in sterling silver and are priced at $125 each.


IMG 1679-831

Blue fire Rainbow Moonstone enhances  'feminine' intuition and helps to balance emotions. When set in sterling silver these qualities are increased. These pendants are  exquisite and the best we have ever seen. 

In addition rainbow Moonstone brings peace and joy and has long been recommended for protection in travel and as a marriage gift from bridegroom to bride.

 Sizes range 2 to 4 cm high and prices range from $75 to $255.

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Merlinite is the name given to dendritic opal which  comes from Australia or Russia. The black branching dendritic patterns create amazing natural landscapes which inspire creativity and help us with all nervous disorders both mental and physical.

The opalite background, like all opal, helps us to maintain emotional balance. In combination with psilomelane Merlinite assists us to balance all our endeavours - black and white, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark and so on, teaching us that we need both to make a whole.

Prices range from $75 to $155.



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