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Our physical world is created from different combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons which form into atoms. These atoms in turn join together to form molecules of particular minerals.  When these elements are free to grow , a crystal is formed.  Thus, more poetically, crystals are known as the flowers of the mineral kingdom.
To choose a crystal, allow your intuition to make the choice.  The crystal may attract your attention by showing a rainbow, becoming warm to the touch, or seeming to say "Choose me". Above all, choose a crystal that you love.
We specialise in rare and unusual crystals whenever we can obtain them. We currently have Brandberg Amethyst, Cherry Blossom Agate, Danburite, Dioptase, Herkimer diamonds, Kundalini Quartz, Kunzite, Larimar, Moldavite,
Seraphinite and Super Seven amongst others.


IMG 0581 (2)-376-406
4.1 x 2.6 x cm

IMG 0579 (2)-741
Manfestation Quartz
3.8 x 2.8 cm

IMG 0653 (2)-3
6.5 by 4 cm

IMG 0595 (2)-569
Grape Amethyst
6cm by 3 cm

IMG 0405
Tumbled stones are microcrystalline, that is the crystals are not visible to the naked eye.  They are affordable and portable with many different uses such as in elixirs or in bringing prosperity.  None of our stones are dyed and all are of the highest quality available.

Stones available range from the easily found and popular such as amethyst, citrine and rose quartz through to the hard-to-find and rare such as seraphinite, lapis, malachite, larimar, charoite, cobaltocalcite and dalmatian stone.


Which crystals are best for prosperity?
A citrine stone in the purse or till brings abundance, and a cluster in the home or business. Malachite is the stone of business success.

Which crystals attract love?
Rose quartz is best for this. Wear a heart as a pendant, or carry a heart or a stone. Amethyst is also helpful.

Which stones bring protection in travel?
We recommend moonstone or aquamarine, as is traditional. Also New Zealand Moonlight Agate.

Which crystals bring peace and calm
Blue lace agate is good to carry, while lepidolite contains lithium, a natural tranquilliser.


We have a wide range of crystals from New Zealand. These are Kay's particular passion and she loves travelling the country and sourcing them. Our New Zealand section has many items for sale such as raw obsidian, Aroha Stone (piedmontite schist), Snow quartz, Moonlight Agate, red jasper,  quartz clusters, pseudomorphs (quartz after calcite), Greenstone (Pounamu), Kauri Gum and tumbled and whole Paua shells.

IMG 0296-844

A selection of New Zealand crystals which we usually have in stock: 

Top slightly left and also centre are two Aroha stones, then clockwise are Pounamu (Greenstone), red jasper, NZ quartz to the left, Kauri Gum,(NZ Amber), Quartz pseudomorph, snow quartz, petrified wood, and below it Moonlight Agate. 



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