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Below are a few examples of what we have in stock.  Our inventory is too large for us to show photos of them all, but we will endeavour to change these photos as often as possible.

IMG 0839 (2)-758-307

Lapis from Afghanistan is hard to get right now but we managed to obtain some. The beautiful deep blue with scattered golden pyrite reminds us of the night sky.

Lapis brings inner vision and truthful communication. It is the premier stone for meditation and also enhances learning abilities. Lapis was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and can assist past life recall in those times.

This ball is 8 cm in diameter and we have other smaller ones. The price is $325.

IMG 0838 (2)-103

This exquisite green fluorite ball is from a new find in Afganistan. All fluorite deflects neagativity, brings order out of chaos, and strengthens teeth and bones (make an elixir for this). It clears the mind and helps us to concentrate.

Green fluorite brings a mint-like freshness to the chakras. Physically it helps to soothe the intestinal tract and also a sore throat.

This sphere measures 7 cm in diameter and is priced at $165.  we do have others as well as obelisks.


IMG 0762 (2)-554

This 10cm open amethyst ball is simply stunning. Amethyst brings peace, spirituality and contentment and the spherical shape sends this energy throughout a wide space. The grouped points function as a cluster which model for us working together from a common base yet retaining our individuality.

This ball is perfect for a home, office or healing room and also shows us that time is continuous with no beginning and no end.

Price is $325 including stand.

IMG 0771 (2)-156

This peach coloured cathedral cluster from the Himalayas is exquisite.  These rare and special crystals are also known as "Lightbraries" because they act as cosmic computers holding records for all human beings.

Because of the parallel striations it is also a Lemurian crystal so it gives access to Lemurian wisdom in particular. The peach colour is the shade of unconditional love and peace, bringing joy and harmony to any group of souls reincarnating.

The price is $555 and measurements are 14 cm wide by 16 cm high.

IMG 0882 (2)-852


Septarian nodules, aka Dragon Stone, are formed of brown aragonite, yellow calcite and grey limestone.

Septarian is a healing stone good for removing stress and anxiety. it is strongly protective and grounding and aligns the mental, emotional and physical.

This rare large one is 15 by 8cm and is priced at $185.


IMG 0799-272

Black amethyst contains mostly iron and very little manganese which would turn the basic quartz purple. This stunning piece needs no stand and measures 17 cm high by 10 cm wide.

In general, black amethyst helps us to face our dark side - and find it beautiful. The phrase we were given is "dazzling darkness."
  The many small flowers help us to blossom in any field we choose.

The price is $265.


IMG 0723 (3)-975

This amazing large specimen of Samadhi quartz was in our latest shipment from India. Samadhi quartz is very rare and comes from the Valley of the Gods, high in the Himalayan mountains.

Samadhi means enlightenment, and indeed this gentle yet powerful crystal transforms any environment, bring bliss and peace. A cluster helps to heal destructive relationships in family or workplace.

This piece measures 22 cm high by 16cm wide at the base and is priced at $345.

IMG 0474 (3)-731

This triangular amethyst cave brings love, light and healing throughout any large space.Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and peace, while the white calcite inclusions serve to amplify this energy.

The upward pointing triangular shape is the ancient symbol for fire and life force so this further increases the energy.

The measurements re 27cm high by 22 cm wide at the base and the price is $365.



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