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Below are a few examples of what we have in stock.  Our inventory is too large for us to show photos of them all, but we will endeavour to change these photos as often as possible.

IMG 1998-255-691-594-433

This large polished Super Seven point is 12 cm high by 8 cm wide. Super Seven, also known as the "Melody Stone," contains seven different minerals ie amethyst, clear and smoky quartz, goethite, rutile, cacoxenite and lepidocrosite. Together, this combination enhances spiritual development while at the same time keeping us grounded.

The four inclusions enhance connections to the angelic and devic kingdoms and assist in opening us to the light.

Price is $495.

IMG 2001 (2)-919-231-205


This 12 cm high polished quartz point contains amazing inclusions of iron and rutile. The orange iron brings strength and courage and extra energy to enable us to complete before moving on. This combination is known as hematoid quartz.

The rutile needles enhance communication of all kinds, both with other people and with angels. Rutile helps us to get to the root of any problem so this crystal is ideal to assist us with any deep-seated, long-standing issues.

The large seven-sided face is a channel face which helps us to channel but protects us while doing so.

Price is $245.

IMG 2015-690

This beautiful clear quartz sphere contains many "angel wing" inclusions and wispy "faery frost." Crystal balls traditionally aid us in skrying or seeing patterns of the past, present and future. Therefore they are ideal to have when doing Tarot readings or any modality of healing.

The round shape models for us that time is circular rather than linear as we have been taught.

Diameter is 7 cm and price is $175.

IMG 0064 (2) - Copy


It is not often we find a completely new (to us) crystal and fall in love. This is a specimen of tourmaline which has been overgrown by lepidolite. This makes it technically a pseudomorph which is Greek for "false form". Pseudomorphs teach us to make changes from within while retaining the outward appearance of complying with society's expectations.

Both minerals contain lithium, a natural tranquilliser. This specimen radiates peace, love and acceptance wherever it is placed.

Measurements are 9 by 8 by 4.5 cm and price is $245.

IMG 0052 (2) - Copy

This large apophylite specimen came in our new Indian shipment from a new supplier. Apophylite is known as a crystal of angelic connection and opens our higher chakras to spiritual light. The natural pyramid formation is ideal for meditation and we also received many individual crystals.

Measurements are 29 cm by 12 cm and the price is $285.
IMG 0002-783

This 16cm by 16 cm quartz/chlorite specimen is part of our recent shipment from India. Green chlorite is the best healing crystal on the planet, acting like fertiliser on grass. When it occurs in quartz (rather rarely), these properties are amplified.

Chlorite cleanses the aura and the chakras and also brings harmony and co-operation into any environment in which it is placed.It helps to eliminate toxins and promotes beneficial gut bacteria.We also have lots of smaller specimens.

This one is priced at $386, while smaller ones range from $25 and up.

DSCN0699 - Copy

We seldom obtain celestite of this quality. The blue is a beautiful deep shade reminding us of summer skies and holiday time. Celestite enhances communication with the angels and higher dimensions, as well as helping us to overcome 'fear of flying'. This could be physical but could be enabling us to let go of our fear of spiritual development and the necessary acceptance of taking personal responsibility which this entails.

Measurements are 12 by 9 cm and price is $165.
 MG 0009-147-676

This amazing amethyst cave has a very interesting shape.The upward pointing triangle symbolises fire and force. It will radiate its energy of peace and spirituality throughout any large space such as a home, school, office or hospital. The agate surround is particularly attractive.

Amethyst balances mind, body and spirit, clears the aura and brings stability and strength.It assists meditation and protects against psychic attacks.  historically it has been known to help fight addictions of all kinds.

it measures 40 cm high by 27 cm wide at the base and is well priced at $595. We have lots of others but this one is exceptional.



Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which cleanse and purify the atmosphere. They are ideal to place in any room. We have a good range of shapes and sizes including natural, fire bowls and globes. Prices range from $55 to $85 and all come with a lead which has a dimmer switch.
Salt lamps are particularly good for allergy sufferers and make an excellent night light.




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