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Below are a few examples of what we have in stock.  Our inventory is too large for us to show photos of them all, but we will endeavour to change these photos as often as possible.

IMG 0486 (3)-722

This 8 cm smoky quartz ball shows beautiful rainbows and is perfect for grounding while skrying or enhancing one's psychic abilities. Smoky quartz helps us to transform negative energies and to handle life in a practical manner. It is also useful for those wishing to manifest their dreams.

The rainbows bring hope and joy, helping us to absorb life's knocks and transform them into marks of beauty.

Price is $345.

IMG 0671 (2)-61

This agate geode with an amethyst centre makes a wonderful piece or paperweight for an office desk.

All agate grounds and protects, bringing stability and safety, while the patterns stimulate our creativity.

Amethyst is the crystal of peace, prosperity and harmony. The many tiny crystals amplify its quality of bringing abundance and working together from a common base.

Price is $95.

IMG 0474 (3)-731

This amethyst cave will bring love, light and healing throughout any large space such as a home, an office or a hospital. Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and peace, while the white calcite inclusions serve to amplify this energy.

The upward pointing triangle shape is the ancient symbol for fire which further increases the energy of this amazing piece.

Measurements are 26 cm high by 22 cm wide at the base. Price is $530.

IMG 0472-580-617

This 11 cm long snow quartz egg with an open druzy cave and spots of black manganese is stunning. Snow Quartz carries the energy of the hermit in the tarot, so that the protective outer shell provides a safe place or cave in which to regroup, meditate and take time alone without feeling lonely. Only are we able to rejoin the hustle and bustle of the world.

Price is $185.

IMG 0660 (4)-387

Cathedral"Lightbraries" are very rare and this one came from an old collection. They resemble the flying buttresses of medieval cathedrals and contain sacred knowledge, acting as data banks for ancient wisdom.

This one is citrinated, raising its vibration even higher and bringing both material and spiritual plenty. The parallellogram at the tip is called a Time Link and assists us to access other times and realities

It measures 12.5 by 4 cm and the price is $175.



These rose quartz "flames" send gentle loving energy throughout a room or office. All rose quartz is the crystal of love and self-esteem, gently healing a wounded heart.

Some are made of lavender quartz, a higher vibration still which raises it to the violet ray and thus they embody the energy of the Violet Flame. This ray transmutes all negativity and works alongside Saint Michael to bring peace and love wherever it is found.

Height ranges from 12 cm to 16cm and prices range  from $65 to $95.



These amethyst mini caves are very popular. They send the energy of spiritual progress and peace throughout a room and sit nicely without a stand.

Amethyst brings spiritual protection and purification and also helps us to give up addictions and in particular that to alcohol. It stimulates the crown chakra and aids in meditation. It clears and shields the energy field  and brings balance and well-being.

Height ranges from 8 to 10 cm and prices from left to right are $65, $75 and $55. We have many others.

IMG 0385-818


Candle quartz or Celestial crystals come from Madagascar and have a high,sweet feminine energy. They are so called because the many smaller crystals down the sides resemble melting wax on candles.

They bring hope and joy, helping us to deal with depression, vertigo, insulin regulation and all types of headaches.

Candle quartz is also a type of abundance crystal, bringing material prosperity and spiritual abundance in all ways. therefore they make ideal centrepieces for abundance rituals.

They range from 4 to 8 cm long and are priced from $12 to $75.

We haven't had these for years.


IMG 0230-459

This specimen of scolecite on matrix makes a wonderful natural sculpture and display piece. Scolecite brings inner peace and is perfect to be used in this way as it spreads its energy throughout a room.

It promotes stable brain function and helps to increase seratonin levels, also deepening meditation and promoting peaceful sleep.  Scolecite also helps to heal the heart in both spiritual and emotional ways.

It will help to clear your mind of fears and worries and to focus on the present.

Dimensions are 16 cm wide by 17 cm high and price is $185.





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