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Below are a few examples of what we have in stock.  Our inventory is too large for us to show photos of them all, but we will endeavour to change these photos as often as possible.

IMG 1864-967-964

This 18cm high quartz/chlorite weighs over three kilos and is part of our recent shipment from India. Green chlorite is the best healing crystal on the planet, acting like fertiliser on grass. When it occurs in quartz (rather rarely), these properties are amplified.

Chlorite cleanses the aura and the chakras and also brings harmony and co-operation into any environment in which it is placed.It helps to eliminate toxins and promotes beneficial gut bacteria.We also have lots of smaller specimens.

This one is priced at $945, while smaller ones range from $25 and up.


IMG 1882-758

Samadhi quartz is exceptionally rare. It comes from the Himalayas and the pink colour comes from iron and phosphate. Samadhi means enlightenment.

It carries and radiates the warm, loving energy of the earth and stimulates the heart chakra in a profound way. A cluster is ideal to place in any environment where it will radiate gentleness, love and peace.

we have a good number of these specimens, although this one is the largest at 32 cm long by 17 cm at its widest point and is priced at $465. Smaller ones range from $25 and up.

DSCN0643 (1)-182-299

This amazing amethyst cave is dark and sits well. It will radiate its energy of peace and spirituality throughout any large space such as a home, school, office or hospital. The agate surround is particularly attractive.

Amethyst balances mind, body and spirit, clears the aura and brings stability and strength.It assists meditation and protects against psychic attacks.  historically it has been known to help fight addictions of all kinds.

At 51 cm high it is well priced at $795. We have lots of others but this one is exceptional.


Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which cleanse and purify the atmosphere. They are ideal to place in any room. We have a good range of shapes and sizes including natural, fire bowls and globes. Prices range from $55 to $85 and all come with a lead which has a dimmer switch.
Salt lamps are particularly good for allergy sufferers and make an excellent night light.

IMG 1848-131-247


Quartz crystals containing green or orange epidote "needles" are rare and very special. They are known as "Green Goddess " crystals and are wonderful for healing the land, sentient beings, plants and in particular help to heal the healers.

This is one of four we recently obtained and it is further special because the whole of the back face is self-healed (adding to its healing qualities) and also because the quartz is smoky which brings extra strength and protects against radiation.

Dimensions are 11 cm long by 6.5 cm wide and price is $230.

Golden healer quartz crystals are naturally coated with iron hydrate and usually come from Arkansas in the United States. They are excellent for all modalities of healing, working through the golden ray which amplifies the body's will to regenerate. 

This one has a channel (seven sided) face at the tip which assists in channelling information, as well as several smaller "trigger crystals" at the base to activate same and some beautiful sparkly small crystals on the back to give extra lightness and mood lifting.

This rare crystal is 14 cm long and priced at $165.

IMG 1719-587

Quartz clusters amplify energy, bringing love and light into any environment. They model for us working together from a common base yet maintaining our individuality.

This specimen is from the Himalayas so carries a beautiful sweet vibration. At 12 by 12 centimetres it is large enough to cleanse and transform a home or office space and needs no stand to support it. It sits on a multitude of terminations so therefore enables its "community" to heal itself by working together in greater harmony.

Price is $225 and we do have many others though this one is unique.



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