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Avalon has an excellent range of books. We stock the best of each kind, including such authors as Esther and Jerry Hicks, Denise Linn, Judy Hall, Adam Bartlett, Yasmin Boland, Alana Fairchild and Annette Noontil. 

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The Crystal Bible has three volumes but this first one is by far the most useful and contains good general information with excellent photos. This is the best basic book on crystals and by far our best seller.

Crystal Bible two has a number of different crystals in the same format and is also excellent. Crystal Bible three completes the set but the crystals are mainly rare and difficult to obtain so is really only of use to those interested in these.

We price this book at $39 and try to keep it in stock.
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This book by Yasmin Boland explains how to work with the magic of lunar cycles in all aspects of our lives.

It teaches us to grow on a waxing moon, be creative and fertile on a full moon, and to release attitudes and objects that no longer serve us on a waning moon.

Cost is $30 and there are accompanying cards at $36 a set.

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We were pleased to find this new book because it is excellent and also Crystal Connections is our business name. There are matching oracle cards which we also stock. You are guided on how to cleanse, connect with, combine with other methods, make elixirs and scry with each crystal.

Appropriate power animals, plants, astrological correspondences and best day are also suggested. The illustrations show several different forms of the crystals and the list he covers is comprehensive.

The price is $49 and offers a real alternative to the Crystal Bible.
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These are the two basic books on Tarot which I recommend to my students. The Ultimate Guide focuses specifically on the Rider-Waite Tarot, and there are two more in this series on the Radiant Rider-Waite and the Crowley Thoth deck.
The Tarot Bible is more general and also gives an excellent history of the Tarot.
Although the Tarot decks include a small booklet, it is much more useful to have a detailed book to give in depth background and interpretations of each card.
The price of the Ultimate guide is $45 and the Tarot Bible is $38.



An oracle can be consulted for an overview of a present situation, giving wise advice about  what course to take without taking decision-making out of our own hands.

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Denise Linn draws from her Native American heritage to bring us new oracle cards to add to her previous Soul Coaching and other cards. I was privileged to attend three workshops with her when she came to New Zealand some years ago and still remember much of what she taught.

Sacred Destiny cards help us to interpret the signs nature gives us to determine our destiny. These range from rainbows flights of birds, and cloud formations to laden fruit trees and flowers.

Sacred Traveller cards help us to decipher the signs around us such as events and coincidences which bring messages from the Universe.

Price is $45 each.

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This exquisite deck from Alana Fairchild guides you into the luminous realm of the sacred. The sacred generates inner warmth and acts as a healing mirror which shows you the truth of your experience and may include any suffering, showing you how to heal.

When we are weary or in darkness, we have a greater need of the pure white light. this holds all colour frequencies and all we need for healing ourselves, each other and our planet. the more we come from a place of truth and love, we are not in a space of fear and our ego cannot dominate.

I love this deck which is different from her other decks and the artwork which is simply stunning. Price is $49.


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These Moonology cards are by Yasmin Boland. Each card has a positive and practical message together with beautiful artwork.

The deck can stand alone or be used with the book and is priced at $36. This exquisite deck is now our best seller. The book is $30.

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This beautiful new deck by Karen Kay has exquisite artwork and inspirational messages. If you love nature and care for the planet, this oracle is for you.

Each reading offers solutions for everyday questions and situations. this deck offers you a gateway into another realm, where magic and miracles are real.

Price is $36.
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Alana Fairchild has produced some amazing oracle decks. they are designed for those who want to connect with divine light, accelerate their spiritual evolution and develop their connection with higher spiritual guidance.

Each one is beautifully illustrated and the accompanying guidebook inspirational. We stock these two as well as the Mother Mary oracle, Kuan Yin and the Crystal Mandala decks.

Most are priced at $49.
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Runes are an ancient Norse system of magic, divination and writing. There are a number of different futharks or alphabets but during workshops Kay teaches the original 24 rune system as taught to her by Runemaster Neil Giles.

We stock a number of crystal rune sets from $35 to $45 or it is easy to make your own.


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