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"Melody" crystal healing  courses
After almost twenty years of teaching these courses I have decided to move on and replace these courses with a series of one day only workshops on specific topics such "The seven and twelve chakra systems and the five bodies" (Sunday 27th January) and " Sacred Geometry in Quartz and its many varieties" (Sunday 31st march).

The syllabus will be on the "Workshops" page and to enrol email  rickandkayford@gmail,com
  The cost is $100 and you may pay in advance or on the day. I simply require you to let me know as soon as possible if you can't come so that someone else can take your place.

New shipments:

We have a new exciting order from India. It contains interesting specimens of peach stilbite, clear quartz cathedral points, 'tree stilbite' and scolecite on green apophylite.



Judy Hall says that, although cathedral quartz crystals are rare, they tend to come in waves, and particularly every two thousand years to help us adjust to the higher frequencies of the new age.

This seems to be true for us as our new Indian shipment contained a good number. The formation of these crystals is so called because the main crystal point is joined by others embedded in the body looking rather like Gothic cathedrals. Katrina Raphaell calls them "Cathedral Lightbraries" as information is contained within and they are excellent to use  in personal or group meditation.

Cathedral quartz can help to heal any physical condition as it works to harmonise higher vibrational energies.
Some are lightly citrinated which raises the vibration even higher.






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