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New Shipment

Kundalini Quartz  

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Kundalini Quartz is a rare crystal from the Congo, consisting of natural citrine and smoky quartz.It helps to move the kundalini spiritual force from the base to the crown, opening each chakra on the way. Citrine does not hold negative energy and brings both spiritual and material abundance, while the smaller crystals attached to the base are a type of abundance crystal. Smoky quartz grounds us on our spiritual journey.

Water Bottles

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For some time we have been looking for glass water bottles and these are made from high quality glass with a separate compartment for crystals which send their energy through but do not touch the water so that they will not turn green.

There is an easily removable cloth cover and it is dishwasher safe and they come with either rose quartz or amethyst but you can use any crystals you choose.

Price is $65 per bottle.

New Shipments

Brandberg Amethyst - South Africa

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We have recently found a wonderful new supplier in South Africa. In the photo are small rare Brandberg crystals (a mix of amethyst and smoky quartz) which bring profound healing and release of past trauma. Other rare and high vibration crystals are Kundalini quartz from the Congo, a mixture of natural citrine, smoky quartz and clear quartz.

We also have amazing malachite stones, balls and eggs, opalised ammonites, carnelian hearts and balls, dioptase specimens, blue lace agate raw pieces, labradorite slabs, Spirit Quartz clusters, small aegerine wands for layouts and more. The quality has raised the vibration of our whole shop.

Super Seven - Brazil
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At last a new vein of Super Seven has been discovered. It has all the minerals ( amethyst, clear and smoky quartz, cacoxenite, lepidocrosite, rutile and goethite) but in slightly different proportions.
Super Seven was first researched by Melody and she discovered its unique properties. They include spiritual development, bringing abundance of all kinds, and making connections with one's higher consciousness.
We have Super Seven available in polished points, pendants and bracelets. The quality is superb and we are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful crystal in reasonable but still limited quantity again. Price range is from $36 and up.


Cathedral Quartz - India



Judy Hall says that, although cathedral quartz crystals are rare, they tend to come in waves, and particularly every two thousand years to help us adjust to the higher frequencies of the new age.

This seems to be true for us as our new Indian shipment contained a good number. The formation of these crystals is so called because the main crystal point is joined by others embedded in the body looking rather like Gothic cathedrals. Katrina Raphaell calls them "Cathedral Lightbraries" as information is contained within and they are excellent to use  in personal or group meditation.

Cathedral quartz can help to heal any physical condition as it works to harmonise higher vibrational energies.
Some are lightly citrinated which raises the vibration even higher.






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