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The method of crystal healing taught and employed by Kay Ford is called Laying-on-of-Hands with Laying-on-of-Stones. Stones are laid on the client's chakras (energy centres)  and then by laying hands on the stones Universal Energy is channelled into the client's body.  This process clears, vitalises and balances the chakras, thus stimulating the body's natural healing ability.

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Kay is the only New Zealander to be chosen and trained as a Crystal Healing Instructor by by "Melody". Melody is the well-known author of the "Love is in the Earth" series of books and original researcher into the healing qualities of crystals.
This advanced training earned Kay the title of "Master of Crystology". She is entitled to issue certificates in Melody's name by ensuring that the trainee has covered and grasped both the theoretical and practical components of the course prescribed by Melody.
In addition Kay has added extra information, including a section on New Zealand crystals and a section on varieties of quartz and the Sacred Geometry of natural quartz formations.


This image shows a class on Day Five working on their mini healing and manifestation arrays. There are many to choose from in the text book "Love is in the Earth - Laying-on-of-Stones" but the most popular are the "North Node" which attracts the wanted such as prosperity and a career, and the "South Node" which assists in releasing the unwanted such as disease and addictions. We learn to focus on one desire at a time.

This one day course covers basic information on crystals with particular reference to tumbled stones as they are used in layouts and also quartz and its properties, with particular reference to laser wands. Chakras and colours are covered and the day ends with a simple layout demonstrating  Laying-on-of-Hands (LOOH) and Laying-on-of-Stones (LOOS).
The second session is largely practical. We study special quartz formations such as channels,  double-terminated and self-healed crystals and their use in healing.  Work on chakras is extended and there is additional practice in LOOH and LOOS.

Using various techniques and crystals we learn how to change our reality by changing our self-limiting beliefs.  We also learn how to make elixirs using crystals and incorporating the work of Masaru Emoto.  In the afternoon there is a practical exam in LOOH and LOOS.
We cover the identification and elimination of personal self-limiting beliefs using crystal arrays.  You will need to bring something to lie on and/or put over you.  The three arrays experienced are the "Elimination" array, the "Double Cross" array and the "Reprogramming" array. We also study New Zealand crystals.

Further work with arrays is explored, this time by miniaturising them in in various ways.  We will use photos, cards etc and also the Soul Journeying array.  There is a brief test to ensure that the theory has been grasped before certificates are presented. It is mainly multi-choice.

All available at Avalon  
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Text : "Love is in the Earth - Laying-on-of-Stones" by "Melody". Cost $65.

Set of suitable chakra stones in the rainbow colours. These need to be reasonably flat, roughly the same size and not dyed. we prefer you to use ours as we can guarantee their quality and suitability.
Cost $20 and up.

One laser wand. This is a natural single-terminated quartz point with a fine tip which emits a powerful energy.
Cost $30 and up.


Client Testimonial

Dear Kay,
                I just wanted to to thank you for a wonderful course learning about the joy and beauty of crystals.  The course has opened an amazing world of further learning and growth.   Thankyou for your thorough, gracious and insightful facilitation whilst sharing your vast knowledge and experience.   This is only the beginning.
                                                                 love, Pam.


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