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Below are a few examples of what we have in stock.  Our inventory is too large for us to show photos of them all, but we will endeavour to change these photos as often as possible.

IMG 1520-940

Good quality amethyst "caves" or geodes are quite hard for us to source but here are three. They send peace and calm throughout a home, office or healing space, transforming any negative energy that is found. The surrounding agate brings protection and grounding.
We have good stocks of these ranging from 12 cm high to 40 cm high. Price range is from $85 to $500 and then we have two very large ones at $1750 and $1950 respectively. Photo of largest on "Our Store" page.


Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which cleanse and purify the atmosphere. They are ideal to place in any room. We have a good range of shapes and sizes including natural, fire bowls and globes. Prices range from $55 to $85 and all come with a lead which has a dimmer switch.
Salt lamps are particularly good for allergy sufferers and make an excellent night light.


IMG 1681-676

Zincite is accidentally formed from old-fashioned zinc smelters in Poland. As these are de-commissioned, new specimens are now almost impossible to obtain. This will almost certainly be our last shipment.

 Zincite brings life force, creativity and renewed zest for living. It ignites our awareness and sense of fun. It activates our lower chakras and links them with the higher. In addition zincite enhances our personal power and courage.

The colour ranges from red and orange through green and silver and the prices from $135 to $185, although we do have a few smaller pieces.


IMG 1659-12-111


This slice of "Tiffany Stone" is very rarely obtainable, but recently a new mine has been opened. It comes only from Utah and was preciously mined only for the beryllium content used in the space programme. Chiefly, however it is a form of purple fluorite in opal, with inclusions of black manganese. Alternative names are Purple Passion, Opal Fluorite and Bertrandite.

Tiffany Stone opens the third eye and the higher chakras, helping us to develop psychic abilities. It also opens the heart and throat, assisting us to express loving thoughts and words. Like all fluorite it deflects negativity and shields the aura.It is helpful in a time of life changes, assisting us to release the old in order to make way for the new.

We have only three slices left. This one is 10 cm by 9 cm and the price is $125. Others range from $95 up to $120.
IMG 1722-160

This specimen of stilbite was the last we opened in our recent Indian shipment and the best of all. Stilbite crystals send out an energy of joy and peace, particularly in this shade of salmon peach. It also enhances intuition and heals the wounded heart. Stilbite enables us to meditate by stilling our daily worries and brings peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams.

Physically, stilbite assists in problems of the throat and brain and in particular in the removal of toxins both internal and external.

This specimen measures 10 by 12 centimetres and is priced at $145. We have many others ranging from $45 and up.

IMG 1719-587


Quartz clusters amplify energy, bringing love and light into any environment. They model for us working together from a common base yet maintaining our individuality.

This specimen is from the Himalayas so carries a beautiful sweet vibration. At 12 by 12 centimetres it is large enough to cleanse and transform a home or office space and needs no stand to support it. It sits on a multitude of terminations so therefore enables its "community" to heal itself by working together in greater harmony.

Price is $225 and we do have many others though this one is unique.
IMG 1527-429

Clear quartz spheres with rainbows are sought after and this one is a beautiful example of those we have in stock. They range from 4 cm to 10 cm in diameter and prices range from $85 to $425 for this particular sphere.

Crystal balls model for us that time is not linear but circular and therefore aid us in the art of 'skrying' ie seeing possible to probable pasts and futures.

When they exhibit rainbows which have been caused by traumas during its growth they show us how these can give us depth and character, turning tragedy into beauty.



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