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Books & Oracles


Avalon has an excellent range of books. We stock the best of each kind, including such authors as Esther and Jerry Hicks, Masaru Emoto, Denise Linn, Doreen Virtue, 'Melody', Eckhart Tolle, Judy Hall and Annette Noontil. 
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These are the two basic books on Tarot which I recommend to my students. The Ultimate Guide focuses specifically on the Rider-Waite Tarot, and there are two more in this series on the Radiant Rider-Waite and the Crowley Thoth deck.
The Tarot Bible is more general and also gives an excellent history of the Tarot.
Although the Tarot decks include a small booklet, it is much more useful to have a detailed book to give in depth background and interpretations of each card.


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The "Bible" series is written by a specialist in each subject. The Crystal Bible is our best selling book and contains general information on readily available crystals together with excellent illustrations. Crystal Bibles two and three are quite different, each describing other unusual and rare crystals.We also stock the Chakra and Angel Bibles, as well as the Reiki and Psychic's Bibles, among others.
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The Numerology Guidebook is an excellent book by Michelle Buchanan, well-known New Zealand author. She has also produced some insightful numerology cards.We also stock the Numerology Bible, another good book on this topic.
You can discover your personality and soul numbers, as well as your Life Path and Destiny. In addition, explore the numbers of other family members and friends.
Kay holds workshops on numerology from time to time and it is a vital part of studying the Tarot.



An oracle can be consulted for an overview of a present situation, giving wise advice about  what course to take without taking decision-making out of our own hands.
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Doreen Virtue has produced many sets of oracle cards, each containing 44 cards and a booklet.Every card is beautifully illustrated, sending a positive message to help us release fears and emotional blocks. They are user-friendly, needing no study to be effectively consulted.

We stock most of her titles, including the ones illustrated plus Healing with the Angels, Angel Therapy, Archangel Michael, Magical Unicorns, Angel Answers and Healing with the Fairies.

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We stock a number of other oracles by different authors. Here are three of the most popular. On the left are the Wisdom of Avalon cards by Canadian Colette Baron-Reid who also produces Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and Wisdom of the Oracle cards. All give excellent insight in more depth than Doreen Virtue. In the centre are the Native Spirit cards by American Indian Denise Linn who also produces the wonderful Soul Coaching cards seen on the right. These provide a direct connection to the soul and give accurate heart-felt readings.
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Runes are an ancient Norse system of magic, divination and writing. There are a number of different futharks or alphabets but during workshops Kay teaches the original 24 rune system as taught to her by Runemaster Neil Giles.
She has now scheduled a workshop for this year so email rickandkayford@gmail.com if you are interested. The date is Sunday 24th September and the cost is $95.

We stock a number of crystal rune sets from $25 to $45 or it is easy to make your own.


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